Membership in the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department is open to anyone ages 16 and over who works or lives in Frederick County. We have three different membership categories, they are as follows:


A  member  who  participates  in  the Emergency  and/or  Administrative  side  of  the  department.  Being  an  Active  member  requires  participation  in  general  membership  meetings,  participation  in  fundraising/work  details  and qualifies  for  LOSAP.


A member  who  participates  in  a  minimum  of  12  hours  of  fundraising/work details  of  the  department  but  is  not  able  to  participate  to  the  extent   required  for  Active  membership.  Administrative  members  that wish to participate in classes must attend a minimum of one meeting per quarter in addition to the 12 hours of participation in fundraising/work details.  Administrative members will  not  have  the  privilege  of  holding  office  or  voting  on  the  business  of  the  department.    


A  member  between  the  ages  of  16  and  18  who  attend  meetings  of  the  department  and  participate  in  fundraising/work  details.   Junior  members  that wish to participate in classes must meet the aforementioned requirements.    Participation  of  a  Junior  member  in  fire  operations,  work  details and  fundraising  shall  be  determined  and  governed  by  rules,  regulations,  directives  and  orders  promulgated  by  the  Chief  or President of  the  Department.

For more information about joining our department please call 301-606-3008

Frederick County- Fire/EMS Notification System

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